Despite Initial Setbacks, Smart Glasses are here to Stay

April 2019 Sunglasses
Google glasses may have bombed and Snapchat Spectacles may have found few takers, but that hasn’t deterred other technology giants from attempting to launch their smart glasses to enter this futuristic product category. If at all, they have adopted smarter designs having learned the lessons from the colossal failures of the predecessors.

While Huawei recently announced the release of its smart glasses, built in collaboration with Korean Eyewear Company Gentle Monster, American audio brand Bose’ latest product is a pair of sunglasses that lets the wearer listen to music, make calls and access augmented-reality experiences. Meanwhile, a smart glasses Kickstarter project Mutrics has achieved its crowd-funding goal and the product is set to reach the hands of users through worldwide shipping by June 2019.

Although Bose prefers to address the product as audio sunglasses and Mutrics websites says it’s a smart music glasses, they essentially are smart glasses which allow you to answer calls or listen to music with just a tap.

The Huawei smart glasses line will be available in spectacle lenses as well as sunglass category; while Bose and Mutrics are only available as sunglasses.

What these companies have done away with though is the camera recording feature which was the main reason for the failure of Google Glasses and Snapchat Spectacles. The built-in cameras in these products had raised privacy and piracy concerns because it meant that the person sitting in front of you at the restaurant or a gym could be taking a picture or footage of you. The new entrants in the markets have ensured to do away with the built-in camera so as to avoid the complication of privacy issues.

Another reason for initial resistance towards smart glasses was the seemingly unattractive designs and the newer crop of smart glasses have taken special care to ensure appealing designs which can be seen as regular sunglasses when the smart features are not being used by the wearer.

It remains to be seen what would be the response to the soon-to-be-released smart glasses, but it appears now that the product are here to stay as more players jump on the bandwagon with sleeker designs and smarter versions.