Roveri Pushes Boundaries in Luxury Eyewear

July 2020 Press

Young entrepreneur and founder of Roveri Eyewear, Michele Claseri, brings his passion for luxury timepieces and fast cars to eyewear following a career which has spanned several years in the luxury automotive and aerospace industries - in Italy and California.


Model RVO18 is a luxurious and classic aviator style, available in two versions: ORO (gold) and NERO (black). The Carbon-Titanium construction was inspired by high-end watch design and the mechanical aesthetics of the classic sports car.

Claseri's particular expertise in cutting-edge materials has come from his deep knowledge of the development and production of carbon fiber components for automobiles. Launched in Autumn 2019, the brand is already the only independent label in eyewear to work with a carbon fiber material comparable to that used in watchmaking. The result is a stunning linear pattern and finishing obtained by machining a block of multilayer carbon fiber. The layers of the fiber have to be skillfully positioned at different angles to ensure a perfectly aligned weave.

The first ever eyewear concept launched by Roveri this season - RV018 - represents technical innovation for the independent label, developed over the course of the last 24 months. The classic aviator frame features beta-titanium and multilayered carbon fiber rings. This design is complimented by quality acetate side temples, in a choice of luxury matte gold or matte black, tones which highlight finesse and good taste for all connoisseurs of design.

The luxury design of Roveri extends into the elegant packaging, which includes a handmade leather frame case and soft suede cleaning cloth.

"Carbon fiber is an incredibly interesting material and with my experience of working with the material in other industries, it has been thrilling to have achieved something extremely advanced and technically precise in eyewear," Claseri said.

The use of the carbon fiber brings a distinctive design to the frame, as well as, lightness and exceptional comfort and strength. The elegant seamless design of the rings - which are completely screwless - is a technical feat and highlights the linear pattern of the carbon fiber material which has a striking yet subtle iridescent marbling effect.