Ophthalmic market to grow 5.6 percent through 2022

February 2018 Market Research
Opthalmic market Market Scope forecasts the ophthalmic market in the five largest economies of the European Union will grow an average of 5.6 percent a year to reach $9.2 billion in 2022. The EU-5, consisting of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, accounts for the lion’s share of ophthalmic sales in the European Union.

Key issues shaping the EU-5 ophthalmic market include the aging of the population, government health care budgets and policies, technological innovation, competition, and the role of optometry.

EU-5 economies have returned to growth, and governments are facing pressure to reverse health care cuts made during the Great Recession. While efforts to hold the line on health care spending will continue, the aged population that is most in need of ophthalmic services and products is the fastest growing population segment in those countries. Older individuals will exert increasing pressure for more spending for the preservation of sight.

The explosive rise in costs for retinal care, fueled by the rapid increase in IVT injections, has pushed government to rethink reimbursement and spending policies to require that the marketers of new therapies prove their therapies fiscally benefit health plans.

Although each of the EU-5 countries is part of a common market area operating under common rules, there are unique characteristics to each country’s health care systems. Each has its own rules and processes for determining what to include in the national basket of health care services and how much to pay for it.

Market Scope’s new report on the EU-5 looks at those differences in depth. National regulatory differences help account for why an off-label biologic is used more to treat retinal disease in one country than another or surgical procedures for dry eye disease might be more popular in one nation than in a neighboring one. The report also examines in depth the outlook for dry eye treatments, diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, and single-use surgical devices.

Market Scope published its 2017 EU-5 Ophthalmic Market Report in November. The report includes a comprehensive overview of the population and economic conditions in each of the EU-5 countries. We cover prevalence and forecasts for eye diseases and conditions. We discuss therapeutic approaches and describe both commercialized products and products in the pipeline. We analyze unit demand and revenues and forecast future performance over the next five years. We also include market share data and discuss key strategic issues.