SILMO revives classic video games

September 2019 Events
silmo paris

It’s a blend of nostalgia and modern vibe for Silmo Paris 2019 before its opening on 27-30 September as it engages visitors with a duo game of Eye’Man and See-Tris, plus an upcoming game to be released on the official website this month. The optical industry’s favorite tradeshow in France reboots the 1980s to early 2000s arcade classic games such as Pacman and Tetris before the most-awaited expo. Visitors to the site can sign up or log in to reminisce the good ol’days all day long in these timeless video games reincarnated in their contemporary versions.

In an Ipsos survey for the gaming industry, it was reported that 49% of European gamers still love the old-school games of their generation, particularly the symbolism embedded on these games’ sound effects, music and colors. Eye’Man and See-Tris likewise capture the essence of the optical industry, with eyeglasses and sunglasses imprinted on the games’ characters and objects. Enthusiasts can dive in the fun by visiting Silmo’s official website at