Hong Kong-based eyewear company goes green

June 2019 Cyberspace
Carrying the hashtag #MAKE THE WORLD BETTER, OKIA, a Hong Kong-based eyewear company resolves to build a more sustainable future for the eyewear industry.

With a newly-launched dedicated website and new sustainable materials, the company has made efforts to increase customers’ sensitivity to nature and geared attention towards eco-friendly products. The website dedicates its contents to green solutions, with graphics and illustrations of data on worldwide environmental concerns such as pollution.

The website also showcases two new sustainable materials developed by OKIA such as BD8 – Bio Plastics, bio-degradable plastics which can be naturally broken into carbon, water and bio mass, and Bio Polybag, a bio-degradable plastic eyewear bag which can be naturally broken down in 5 years.

“Consumers are increasingly seeking more nature-friendly products, and looking to brands to demonstrate their sustainability credentials. Millennials are increasing their spending on green products, so we need and - above all - want to help the planet through our innovations and spread the word as much as possible,” said Jacky Lam, Managing Director at OKIA.